Jane Lea's Positions

Jane Lea’s Values

What is your position on reopening our schools?

Safety of students and staff must be our top priority, and distance learning must remain an option for those students whose families deem it unsafe for them to return to campus.

I have supported a slow roll-out of in-person learning for high-needs students, and I understand that our district can now bring back groups such as clubs and sports while still adhering to public health guidance. Our students need those social connections and our leadership should make that a priority.

I believe our Board's September 17th decision to extend distance learning through the 1st semester was premature. The Board should have tabled its vote until a clear and forward-thinking option could be articulated.

Now that our students have experienced more than a month under the new distance learning model, we must reassess their needs and better understand what is and is not working. From that starting point, we can construct a more specific and realistic plan for the rest of the semester that addresses both learning and social-emotional needs.

Overall, I have been frustrated by a lack of communication from our district on this issue. Our community deserves clear and reliable information on how we can continue to bring students safely back to campus. From this information, we can construct a path toward a broader reopening.


You are endorsed by the San Dieguito Faculty Association. What does this endorsement mean to you?

A respectful, collaborative relationship with teachers yields the best outcomes for students and strengthens our ability to withstand adversity without disrupting student learning. My endorsement signifies my understanding of this critical need.


During the late 1980s, our students and teachers suffered the consequences of a negotiating approach that forced a win-lose outcome. Since then, our district has committed to a much more effective process called interest-based bargaining. The Board does not participate in direct negotiations but articulates the community's interests to the superintendent. Student needs are at the center of those interests.


Are you accepting any campaign contributions from any groups?

I have not and do not intend to accept direct financial contributions from political groups. The San Dieguito Faculty Association incurs expenditures to promote candidates they endorse. Those expenditures and the financial reporting that accompanies them are made without my consultation or involvement.  Members of the public can track campaign contributions and expenditures on the Registrar of Voters’ website.

How will you improve communication and outreach within our community?

Division and mistrust thrive when communication is ineffective. Our district is suffering from a focus on individual communication activities rather than an overall community engagement strategy. I will strongly advocate for a comprehensive plan that:

  • Articulates a commitment to community outreach;

  • Outlines timelines and procedures for community review and input;

  • Formalizes a structure for documenting input from parents and students; and

  • Provides regular updates on Board actions.

How will you support efforts to foster and protect diversity in our district?

Racial equality is not a “can do.” It’s a “must do.” I am proud of our student activists who are calling for a conversation and change in our school community. We need to hear their stories and listen to their ideas. I would support creation of a district Equity Team, representing diverse voices, to help drive efforts forward.



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